Examining 404 Errors for New Standard Grand Haven


A 404 error, or Page Not Found error, is a common occurrence on websites. It occurs when a user attempts to access a non-existent page or a broken link. For a company like New Standard Grand Haven, addressing these errors is crucial for improving user experience and website functionality.

Identifying 404 Errors

The first step in resolving 404 errors is to identify them. This can be done through various methods:

  • Monitoring website analytics tools for 404 error reports
  • Regularly crawling the website with a tool like Screaming Frog to detect broken links
  • Encouraging users to report broken links or missing pages

Resolving 404 Errors

Once the 404 errors have been identified, there are several approaches to resolving them:

  1. Fix broken links: If the missing page or resource still exists, update the links to point to the correct location.
  2. Redirect to relevant content: If the missing page is no longer relevant, redirect users to a related or evergreen page.
  3. Create a custom 404 page: Design a user-friendly 404 page that provides helpful information and navigation options for users who encounter a missing page.

Preventing Future 404 Errors

To minimize the occurrence of 404 errors in the future, New Standard Grand Haven can implement the following practices:

  • Regular website audits to identify and fix broken links
  • Implementing proper redirect strategies when removing or reorganizing content
  • Using canonical URLs and avoiding duplicate content to prevent confusion and broken links

By actively addressing and preventing 404 errors, New Standard Grand Haven can enhance the user experience on their website, improve search engine visibility, and maintain a professional online presence.

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