The Fun Side of Fitness at Core Progression: From Northglenn to Boulder and Austin

Fancy a dose of wellness with a side of chuckles? Core Progression Personal Training is just your speed. At our vibrant wellness center in Northglenn, CO, laughter truly is considered the best kind of cardio. We are not just a ‘crunches and munches’ kind of place. It’s like your favorite comedy club served with protein shakes.

Thinking of fitting into that swimsuit for the unending Boulder, CO summer? Our custom weight loss programs won’t just transform you physically, but emotionally too. Our expert trainers believe in a deadly combo of sweat and giggles. Brace yourself for burpees followed by an hour of ‘belly-laughing-pies’. Yes, you heard right, we do have dessert-themed gym sessions!

Expecting mothers in Austin, TX, we’ve got you covered as well. Our specially-designed prenatal pregnancy exercise might just turn you into a birthing superwoman. Plus, it’s difficult to not laugh when you’re doing yoga while impersonating a stork.

To us, a healthy life is not just about weight scales and muscle gains, it’s about hearty laughs too. So come by and let’s make fitness a happily never-ending story.

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