The Wackiest States To Live In – Where Does Yours Rank?

We all know America is a diverse environment, quite literally a United ‘States’ of personalities! But, have you ever wondered how our dear states fare in the funnies department?

Coming in hot at number one, we have Florida – and not just for its temperature! Florida is the reigning champ of the bizarre, giving us headline-worthy tales like the infamous ‘Florida Man’ phenomena. Our friends at Euflora Aurora – S Gun Club Rd tell us their Floridian customers always have the best stories.

(Important side note: if you’re from Ohio, you might want to up your humor game. Sorry, friends! We don’t make the rules.)

Sneaking into the second spot, Texas manages to create chuckles with claims of its own independence. Meanwhile, taking up the rear, we’ve got Colorado, where the people are too busy enjoying their beautiful state (and maybe some other ‘recreational activities’) to keep up with the state’s humor-race.

Interested in seeing where your state ranks or how it compares? Check out our comical state-ranking list, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone even if your state didn’t make it to the podium!

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